Our Plan


The principal objectives of Pyxis are as follows:

  1. To provide thought provoking products, services, and learning opportunities for individuals, corporations, and other associations.
  2. To be the go-to source for IT and other professionals for business acumen, best practices, career development, community learning and engagement.
  3. To build out our infrastructure including operations and association awareness.
  4. To grow Pyxis’ membership base of individual professional and association/company memberships.

Why Pyxis? 

With rapid growth and advancements in best practices in the service management sector, there is a clear need for a professional association that focuses on helping professionals build their business acumen, as well as understand how to integrate best practices to maximize the value of the various frameworks and standards for the business. 

Pyxis will establish itself as an industry unifier for IT associations, corporations, and the broader community.  Through thought leadership, research, community learning and engagement, association partnerships, and eventually a consortium, Pyxis will provide opportunities that will have a positive impact for the careers of IT and related industry professionals, the organizations that employ them, as well as the industry itself.

Pyxis will develop intellectual property for business acumen, which will take the form of an interactive learning experience for IT professionals to understand the business and the implication of their decisions more clearly.     

Pyxis has its finger on the pulse of the IT community!